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The families of Chicxulub thank you for caring and supporting these programs.

Consider “adopting” a family for one year. Cost is $75 CAD per family at the current despensa distribution of once per month.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please view the instructions located here.

Check out your grandkids closets! If you are driving to Chicxulub consider bringing shoes, jeans and school supplies. Airlines are becoming more restrictive on the weight allowance and these items tend to be heavy.

If travelling with WestJet, they have an Humanitarian Program:  WestJet allows each passenger to bring one additional piece of regulation size suitcase for humanitarian purposes.

When you are booking your tickets you indicate one piece of luggage and when you get to the airport you advise them at the check-in that you have one additional bag marked with humanitarian aid.  What I was told is they never leave it behind but make some adjustments to get it stowed.  One suggested that you bring a letter from the charity to validate your donation.  I have one I can send to you if requested.

Blanket Program – The winters are definitely colder and want to provide at least one blanket per family to keep them warm. All new families receive a blanket in the Christmas hamper.
Warm clothes for the families and children. Knitted toques and slippers are popular because the families wear them to sleep in and the fishermen like the toques for cold mornings.  All gently used clothing are gratefully accepted for our families. There is always someone who is in need.
Food Recycling – On your return home, consider donating your left-over food to the Food Bank;  pick up can be arranged and food will be delivered to the Chicxulub Lunch Program organized by the church. Remember every bit helps these families.
Plastic Laundry Bags. Recycle your plastic laundry bags to us. They are used for the monthly despensas and Christmas hampers.  This is a cost saving and recycling initiative.
Eyeglasses that you have outgrown are accepted and recycled .
Community Bulletins:Are you visiting or living in the Yucatan and have a job that you’d like to post here for the area residents (i.e. cleaning, cooking, maintenance work, etc)? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to post your opportunities on this page and relay them to our Chix Food Bank families.

How to make a donation and receive a tax receipt.  All you need to do is write the cheque to:

Canadian Food for Children
40 King George’s Road
TO Ontario
M8X 1L3
Attention Mary Reid:

Include my name, Sharon Helgason, and Chix Food Bank project and they will issue the receipt and deposit the money into the Food Bank account here in Mexico.

Most of all continue to show your generosity and enthusiasm for this project. Without you this would not be possible.