Our Mission

The long range goal is to:

  • Eliminate the need for a waiting list
  • Increase the despensas to bi-monthly
  • As we grow, involve clients in preparation of the despensas.

Out of this project, many other needs have been identified and slowly being addressed:

Improve the health of the people of Chicxulub by:
– providing eye care clinics (using donated glasses and the involvement of a local optometrist);
– clinics to learn about good oral hygiene
– continue to provide each family on the program with one warm blanket for winter months;
– nutrition program for pre-schoolers. There is a high incidence of malnutrition in this community and there is now a vitamin program for all children ages 6 months to 10 years;
– prevention programs for back care.  Fishermen are more likely to have injured backs and hernias due to the weight of the engines they transport every day;
– access to clean water for cooking and drinking;
– community billboard to identify skills of the townspeople to allow the foreign community to access these services during the winter months; – school programs to include proper attire and school supplies.