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Well each day is closer to the grand move!  Beto is busy doing electrical, water and bathroom facilities.  Once the main floor is completed work will begin on the 2nd floor for Las Mujeres de Chicxulub sewing group.

These are random photos from this weekend as we get closer to the opening!

Plan is to do the sealant beginning Dec. 6th, give it 3 days to dry then get things ready for the Christmas Hampers, Christmas party and December dispensa. The work will continue on the bathrooms for the kids and outdoor area. Then the upstairs area for the Sewing group. It will come together but not as we expected!

NEW ADDRESS: CALLE 23 # 16a X 12 Y 14. Familiarize yourself with this location as it will be where you drop off your donations. There will be an open house at least twice to get to know the new place.