March 2024 Dispensa

Wow seems like so long ago we did the March dispensa.  The folks came early and we were done by 10:30.  We had a visit from one of our donors Dave from Ontario for 2 weeks!!  

English at Andres Quintana Roo

Another season goes by! And we say adios to Mary and John. These prime organizers have decided to move on to a nw chapter in their lives. So now there are several positions open to keep this program alive. Hold the press!!! Yesterday this came through… Hi again,...

Activities at the House

The house has been active this month.  The weekly bazaar has been going smoothly and more local folks have been coming to visit! The kids are busy doing Easter eggs to give to the community!  There is aso planning going on for the summer workshop. From the photos you...

Bingo Season

The weekly bingo event is at an end and it was a successful season!  We averaged about 30-35 players a week and had lots of happy winners go home with smiles!!  Thanks to the staff at La Antigua and the terrific bingo team!!