San Joachim Nursing Home

Mens Group Very nice breakfast we had at PAO’s cafe. Only Dave Anderson was unable to attend because he had returned home the previous week. Eleven of us were there to enjoy the good food and strong coffee. I would like to recap what we accomplished this year....

Activities at the House

The house continues to be busy on Mondays with a bazaar for the community.  During this season we had the floors upstairs finished and set up for Las Mujeres and computer lab thanks to Liz and Progreso Rotary.

Bingo Season

Partial eam What a fun season we had this year.  There was a total of seven bingo events at La Antigua this season and a great response from our supporters. This season saw us earn 17,800 MXN and enough beans and rice for 3 month dispensas. Thanks so much. It has...


If you visit Mexico will you be murdered? Restaurante El Catrín, Merida, Yucatan Four Americans from South Carolina visited Mexico for a medical procedure. They were kidnapped by a drug cartel that likely mistook them for Haitian drug smugglers. The gang...

March 2023 Dispensa

A fine time was had by all recipients and volunteers this month.  Carmita was busy early as was Milo dispensing the bags.