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Feels good to be home and involved with  the Food Bank.  It is obvious that the program goes on with or without me and for that I am pleased.  The groceries arrived on time with our two men from Duna Sosa delivering the two dollies loaded with supplies.  The team was there and made short work of preparing the 70 bags for tomorrow.

It sure is different to see the streets around the Food Bank paved and looking “grown-up”.

This morning was a grey and wet day and the foks who came for their dispensas were anxious to come and go very quickly.

It was fun to see everyone again and catch up on some of the events.  However as you will note, my camera did not take the photos I thought it had…so not many photos…

New idea for this season….whenever we have an event or Muelle Market please consider bringing a bag (900 gms) of beans or rice to add to the donation.  It will help us keep the costs in check.