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The ladies met to plan their season and what fun was had. Paula took photos of everyone, to help with names and most people loved having their photo taken.  We toured the home to check out changes and get set for next week when we will begin.

Notes from  Paula…To all the great volunteers and/or friends of the “Ancianos”

  • Augustino (the man with the suspenders) has left and apparently lives near the Port but I have little info about him at this time.
  • Daniel passed away this past summer, and so did Jorge who has been lying in a bed for 3 years.
  • There are lots of new residents male and female. I didn’t see too many wheelchairs or walkers on the women’s side (only the much older women from last year.)
  • The men had some wheelchairs or walkers, but not that many again.
  • All this means we might have two groups doing exercises.  Someone said maybe they shouldn’t be in the same room because they would distract each other.   I thought that maybe they should be in the same room because the ones that can stand, could stand behind a chair to do lots of the exercises (but have the chair as a support to lean on) and if and  when they got tired they could go to the other group and the same was true of people who were used to sitting in a chair but might be encouraged by seeing newer residents standing up behind their chair and they might want to join or try to do the same.
  • Lucy (from Merida) suggested we do a Spanish movie once a month in the front room, so all the residents can  watch and be together.  We told Lucy she would be in charge of picking the Spanish movies.
  • Someone else also mentioned that most of the residents will want to participate in  the parachute game and hit the balloons with the noodles, so it would be easier if they were in the same room.
  • Then someone suggested that the ambulatory residents might want to walk around the building which is true but i also remember when Gail and Dean and Ken often took some of the non-ambulatory people, who were agitated for whatever reason, outside in their wheelchair to enjoy the fresh air.
  • We talked about games.  There could be different tables with different games.
  • We talked about bingo, Lucy likes the Mexican Lotto; i brought a rummoli game and that is relatively easy (we’ll find out) and could be played with 3 or 4 or 5 people.
  • We talked about puzzles but we need to find a table (like in the men’s t.v. room) where the easy puzzle could just stay on the table and people who walk by could add a piece or 2 as they see fit. (People still in Canada or the U.S. might want to bring a small easy puzzle with them in their suitcase)
  • Any suggestions are welcomed and Andrea had mentioned that she might come over (she and I never discussed how often) and she could maybe knit or crochet with anyone who might be interested.  Somebody mentioned that it might be nice if she came on a different day that Tues and Thurs. but we’d have to figure if that makes sense or not.  Maybe not a first when Andrea doesn’t know any of the women that might be interested and maybe somebody who likes knitting and/or sewing/or petite point could be her helper.
  • I also think it would great to see if we can get any suggestions from the residents.  One said to me when i went to visit them last week:  Oh we could go to the playa….. and i thought O.K. Paula watch what you suggest….. how feasible is it after all?
  • I think it was me, (Paula) who said, let’s make sure we start by 10 amso get here 10 minutes early so we can bring the people in, set up the chairs and maybe we can extend the hour session to 1 and half hour till 11:30 am.
  • These were all suggestions, nothing is written in stone, and who knows which ones we will implement.
  • Suggestions and feedback is welcomed but overall everybody seemed pleased with the meeting.
Looking forward to seeing everybody in January; meanwhile I’ll enjoy the heat while you freeze in Canada or the U.S.
Abrazos, Paula,
p.s. even if you haven’t volunteered for a while, this email is just to keep everyone up to date about what is going on at the Ancianos.  You come if you can, some years you need a break, some come once a week, some come every other week. It’s all good ! 

We have 3 new physio students in their 4th year, Andre, Gaspar and William who enjoyed the chance to practice their English while we tried in Spanish.

Two new volunteers who have moved here from Canada make a great addition to the team.

The Mens’ group who maintain the building presented Madre Aurileo with the first new bureau that they are making.  Bob the Builder and Duncan took it to her and she was delighted.  She has not decided who will receive the first one as she has to think who will have it without any fighting amongst the residents.  I have already been asked if they will make more to sell!!