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I am back home following a my summer vacation with my family and friends.

And I am ready to get back at it!

The summer dispensas went smoothly and of course,the team did a fine job.

August Dispensa


September Dispensa


This was an interesting dispensa.  We had help from one of the families with 5 children and learned a few things.  Grade 5 students do not know their alphabet and the two with us had trouble alphabetizing the name cards during the activity.  The other grade 5 boy did a good job of checking the names and stamping the cards.  Their baby sister, age 1 captured the hearts of many of the folks attending and did a fine job standing up to her older brothers.

And you have heard that “sitting is the smoking of the our generation”?  Well, this girl did whatever she could to sit at every turn….interesting to see.

There are 46 families on the roster and 6 applicants to interview for possible acceptance.