01.969.934.0558 info@foodbankchicxulub.com

Sausage Lady www.theSausageLady.com  This is the website for the popular vendor at the Muelle Market.  Check it out.

Satchi Spa 9992 155 127 whats app  Make your appointment early and don’t be disappointed.

Pick up and delivery: Carlos’ service: offering pick up and drop off service at both the Cancun airport and Merida.
Contact information: carlosperez250579@hotmail.com or cel is 999-1-52-49-31 and uses whats app and Face Book at carlosperezmoreno

Carlos assures a 3 day turnaround to respond.

Storage Service: Sobman Storage is the service I continue to use and Ruth, the manager continues to delight me.  The  pick-up and delivery service is wonderful.  Before returning home, I send Ruth a text telling her the date and time of my arrival and when I get here there are my boxes waiting for me to unpack at my leisure.

Ruth is the owner/manager and her Cel is 999-232-8412 and uses whats app and her email address is sobman81@gmail.com

 Coconut removal:  if you have an abundance of coconuts in your yard and want to have them removed call Jorge Sosa at 999 645 0652.  His team will respond and remove the coconuts at no cost.

C+ Natural Ecotienda in Merida specializes in organic free, gluten free, sugar free, ecological, superfoods and vegan needs.  This is a new store on Reforma tht can meet all your dietary needs.  If there are group orders, delivery to Progreso area is a possibility.  Check out their website to see if it meets your needs: wwwcmasnatural.com.mx