First up is the end of english classes for the students.  Here we have a photo of the grade 6 kids and teachers.  Comment from one of the teachers…This is the grade six pictures on the last day of school for the English program. Most of the students, this is the last year of school unless their parents can pay for them to take a test to further their education. These students are from the poorest area in Chixculub and the parents can not pay for the test.  Unfortunately only half of the class showed up today because some are in a play for Easter and others are sick. That is why they are wearing their cubrebocas (facemasks).

The boys will probably end up helping their father fishing and the girls will end up pregnant and life goes on. Some of the students are so bright and it is a crying shame the opportunities we have in Canada that they do not get.

Then we have the final weeks of the bazaars open to everyone at the House from 10-12 AM.

Las Mujeres de Chicxulub

We have a group of 4 women keen on sewing for the comunity. Anyone who knows their work from the Muelle Market will attest to the good work using manta material and Maya designs. Over the summer we will develop a schedule, price lists and pattern suggestions for you. Dont hesitate to pass on ideas.

  • Carmita, Laura and Regina have been working together to make cutouts for a microwave cover.