I botched things up last month and somehow sent incomplete news.  My apologies and will remedy now.  There is a new, interesting mural in the workshop upstairs where Las Mujeres have their work space.

The mural was done by Sebatian Clermont from Canada and in consultation with Carmita came up with his representation of two cultures coming together to provide something back to the larger community! 

The Food Bank was also one of the chosen charities that received support from the second annual Chihuahua Pickleball Tournament held this past Feb.15th, 16th and 17th at Crocodiles Bar and Grill. I received the note you sent out following the Chihuahua Tournament this past weekend.  I had no idea we were one of the recipients.  I want you to know that I have always appreciated your support of the Food Bank from way back when: Dianna and Karl bringing donated computers from Wpg and working with the kids baseball sessions, Berri and Rod who have supported us from day one and many of you who have helped us with  other tourneys and fundraising events.  You are all part of the reason we have been successful since we began in 2005.  And the house and volunteers were blessed by a visit from this Happy Pickleball Amigos Club Feb.26 and accepted the donation of 13,175 MP

If you are a face book user check the photos out!! https://m,facebook.com/groups/332873215131803/permalink/762607538825033/?sfnsn=scwspwa&ref=share&mibextid=VhDH1V

This same day we accepted the new shelving units used weekly for the bazaar.

Now the house can be finished with this donation!

Announcement from Mary,  coordinator of the Chicxulub English school program. John and I have decided to do some travelling next winter.

I sincerely hope that someone / some folks, singly or together, will volunteer to step into the coordinator role that I have loved and nurtured.  

New volunteer positions are available:

an English contact person … 

  • to keep a list of people interested in volunteering along with their survey responses which indicate where their interests and strengths lay.
  • to share that information with lead teachers when they’re looking for volunteers to support their grade level programs

a Spanish contact person …

  • to speak with the Directora / Principal at Andres Quintana Roo Escuela and set dates of instruction for the English language program
  • to ensure that there is an adequate room available for teams to use
  • to share this information with the lead teachers and their teams of volunteers
  • to oversee the packing and storage of program equipment at the Food Bank at the end of each season and the movement of these supplies before the beginning of each season. (At present, the Food Bank is open on Mondays from 9am to noon … and the school room can be opened from 12:30 pm on.

I will happily share my electronic paperwork if anyone is interested. 

Whatever happens, I truly believe that our teams have been, and continue to be, dynamic! We inspire our students to try new things … to meet another culture and to begin to learn a new language. We make a difference in their young lives. 

I am honoured to have been part of the Chicxulub English program.  It will be exciting to hear how this worthwhile venture continues to grow and change.

It has been a pleasure working with you! Mary