Mens Group

The work this year at the Albergue de San Joaquin was more a series of small projects rather than larger cosmetic ones. We didn’t paint any rooms since most looked very well finished from previous years, and from other groups that had done some painting during the summer. We did some yard cleanup as per usual, cleaning the two side courtyards and the main center courtyard, hauling away cocos, fallen palm leaves and decaying shrubbery. 
We worked on repairing the sliders on the dressers that we and the Jeune Espoir student group had constructed and purchased, prior to Covid, both in the men’s dorm and the women’s. Many of the sliders had bent and the rollers were broken or twisted, which meant the drawers wouldn’t open or close. Where possible we replaced them with equivalent slides or wider stronger ones built to withstand the heavy use that they receive. We also completed repairs on many beds from both dorms. Insects had destroyed the ends of some of the bed legs, so we filled the compromised areas with a hard glue, cut back those that were too high for the residents to use, replaced broken or unsafe supports, and attached floor glides to keep the legs dry and off the floor.

We spent a lot of time repairing the doors to the chapel and other inside doors, that wouldn’t close or the locks wouldn’t fit properly. Many of the door frames to the chapel and the priest’s area had shifted which made the doors very difficult to use. Some required shimming, or new locks, while others were trimmed to allow them to move and close properly. We worked on the door to the new infirmary, repairing and filling cracks, as well as purchasing rods and hanging curtains on the two windows of the repurposed room.
The two atriums at the north end of the chapel leaked badly in a Norte. We replaced the wood battens holding the mosquito netting in place on the roof. We repositioned the glass protective covers, securing them into place and caulking the gap between the glass and the wall, thereby keeping the rain from running down the walls and into the building. In the small utility kitchen off the dining room, we purchased and replaced some missing tiles and caulked them, ensuring a smooth finish all along the kitchen counters where the staff work.
The group would like to thank Tony Astar and the Petawawa Rotary Club for their generous financial contributions to our work this year. Additionally, we would like to thank Bob and Susan Turner who also helped financially. Without these donations the purchase of materials and tools would not be possible. Thanks also to the staff and residents at the Albergue for their encouragement and support.

Dunc Happy trails to you!