Some of you have Facebook, some of you are in Progreso/Chicxulub already and have heard the sad news of Sheila’s passing.  All of you will remember how Sheila’s laugh and her enthusiasm those two gifts of hers endeared her to all the volunteers but especially to the Ancianos. She just brightened up the room when she was there.  See more.

BTW The exercise group happens only twice a week not 3xs.  This might make a difference.  Still no takers.  I do have the complete program now.

Mens Group

This week we’ll continue repairing the broken slider tracks on the dressers that we built for the residents several years ago, courtesy of the Jeune Espoir youth group and Bob Turner. The painting in the three storage rooms will advance as much as possible so that we can begin painting our last room, the laundry storage area. The outside crew will be working with Ixmael to repair the holes in the garden walls with concrete, where we think animals have entered, and also conducting a cleanup of the laundry and garbage areas. 

Thanks everyone for all your help. Our last day this year will probably be March 21, which leaves us only two full working mornings after tomorrow. We have completed most of the tasks that the Madre requested, and we are on track to finish the last couple of projects. Our last day we usually finish a bit early and go for a works’ end celebratory brunch at one of the local restaurants.

This Tuesday we’ll be painting the three storage rooms off the men’s dormitory, cleaning the back courtyard, finishing the roof cleaning, possibly doing some concrete wall repairs, and possibly repairing some dressers whose drawers don’t slide properly.

Thanks to everyone who helped last week.

Finished painting the last wall of the Physio Room, and began work in the large auditorium.  Also cleaned up a large part of the laundry area.
Week of 7th continued painting in the Auditorium, and cleaning in the outside laundry area. If the right tools arrive we will attempt to repair holes under the back gate, and the outside concrete walls.

Thanks to everyone who helped last week.