I am just in the process of putting this together.  For short it is CPC and it can be an exciting program.  I have been asked often why the Food Bank does not do an education program like the best known one CAPP managed by Kitty.  Well here is my best foray into this new program.  It is specifically for the youth volunteers who work with the Food Bank and as it grows any other young adult from El Puerto de Chicxulub. 

My first want is to find out if there are any folks interested in sponsoring a young person who is ready for higher education. If the interest is here then the matching will begin. There will be a format of the annual cost, depending on where and when and what the student is keen on.

The application format helps the volunteer process his/her idea and visualize what the future will look like. I am hoping for mentors who would commit to helping with English, time management and presentation skills. The accepted candidate will make a commitment to volunteer somewhere in the community and the area of interest.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Please let me know. Open to suggestions, ideas and general discussions.