The major changes affect all of us..

Yesterday during the January dispensa Carmita and I had several serious discussions.  For all of you who have been with us since the beginning, 2005 and those have joined us along the way like the rest of the world, things are changing a lot. 

As of next month the cost per dispensa will be increased from 10 pesos to 15 pesos per month per month per family.

  • Cost of dispensa
    From 2005 and until November 2013 the dispensa was given free to our clients.  Following lengthy discussions it was decided that we would begin to ask each family  to pay a symbolic amount of 10 pesos for each dispensa.  It is now 2021 and there is again a need to increase the symbolic cost to 15 pesos for each dispensa.  This will be impleneted next month and the residents have been advised.
  • Change in our families
    Over the past year I have finally understood Carmita’s thinking about accepting widows.  The rationale is that once a couple becomes a widow (only familes) their income stops.  That means widows who don’t have a concerned and capable family does without.  Really hard to grasp this concept when it is out of our norm.

As of the next fiscal new year which begins November 2122 a donation of 75$ to 85$ will be requested

January 2022__________________________

Food Order

# product
Frijoles 1K410=410/35=12
Arroz 1K375375/35=10.175.16
Azucar 450G430430/35=12.283.57
Acetite 500M458458/35=
Sal 450G228228/35=6.52?
Leche polvo 2 litros860860/35=24.5811/BAG
Sopa pasta 250 G9797/35=
Galletas 200G148148/35=4.22

Detergeant 500228228/35