As promised more tales about the new location for both the Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub.

The Route to Casa de Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub

The house will be known as: in Maya “Un suku’une tia an te’e ; Mi hermano es en la casa; My brother is in the  house.” This name honours Vincente Pool who is Carmita’s brother and a famous boxer who is in the Merida Hall of Fame. 

He was born September 23rd   1952 in Chicxulub Puerto and christened Lino Andres Pool Tzab.  He began boxing at age 16 using his father’s name whom he greatly admired.

At one point he thought about retiring because he had suffered too many defeats.  Then he met a new manager, Jesus Rivero “Cholain” and things changed for him.

The building itself is almost finished except for final hands on work that we will do now that summer has “sort of” started. Things like unpacking the clothes and displaying them, setting up a “thrift” shop for the village folks and getting the big room ready for the children and their workshops. Of course much will depend on the reports of the virus and the ok to move ahead.

On the second floor the sewing room has electricity, lighting and now some tables and other needs to be able to show their work. It is spacious and bright.

There will be a garden on the second floor looked after by the junior volunteers. The families especially of the juniors will receive hand grown veggies when ready. The kids are excited about this new activity.