Also known as Carrera Programa de Chicxulub for our youth volunteers (CPC).  This program was instituted about one year ago and we currenly have 3 sponsored students and several more in the wings.  

An example of supporters in the community!!

Stitch and Bitch by Andrea and Dara

Another year of gathering on my patio to do lots of knitting and a little bit of bitching. Many hats were produced for the GORRO Girls of Merida to distribute weekly to the cancer kids in the O’Hearn Hospital where children from across southern Mexico and Belize come for treatment.

“We was able to raise a fair bit of money towards a scholarship fund being created by the Chicxulub Food Bank. This was achieved by a generous donation of 10thousand mxpesos from two lovely ladies from Michigan, Jody and Debbie. Another two donations were made  by bereaved men of Ontario who have a strong bond to Chicxulub. They travelled here since 1998. Ian and John  used to come here with their lovely wives until they departed this world. The rest of our collection was done through sales of extra yarn, a few anonymous donations; and knitted items such baby sweaters and dish cloths.”

Every week we gathered on my patio and everyone generously contributed 10p to the cause. Our grand total this year is 21,150 pesos(equivalent of a little over $1500Can) so we are very happy about that. This money will go a fair way for the scholarship that costs about 3000p/semester.

Sponsored students:

Laura Sinai Couich is an 18 year old young woman enrolled in Engineering in Digital Animation and Visual Effects with a goal of training professionals capable of adapting, developing and applying technological resources in the production of digital animation and visual effects, in a global, multidisciplinary and sustainable context.

Dario Eduardo Figueroa is a 19 year old young man enrolled in Electromechanical Engineering with a goal to train professionals of excellence in electromechanical engineering, with an entrepreneurial attitude, with leadership and the ability to: analyze, diagnose, design, select, install, manage, maintain and innovate electromechanical systems, efficiently, safely and economically, considering the norms and standards national and international to promote sustainable development with full ethical, humanistic and social awareness.”

Damaris Soledad Couich is a 17 year old young woman receiving assistance for working on her english.