Chelem inhabitants demand to stop threats by foreigners written by Yucatan Times December 23, 2023

Residents of the Chelem community demonstrated on the afternoon of December 21 to demand justice for people who were allegedly attacked by a group of foreigners who, they stated, threatened the inhabitants of this town.

During the protest, at least a hundred residents could be seen raising Mexican flags and banners with the faces of the people who have suffered these attacks.

The protesters walked through the streets of the Villamar and Arcoiris entrances shouting slogans of “Viva Mexico!”, “Mexico belongs to the Mexicans!”, Justice!”, among others.

It was indicated that the grievances against the residents of the port began approximately four months ago.

As explained, a man of foreign origin named D.B., and his wife were accused of attacking animals in this port, as well as inconveniencing their neighbors in a declared war that seemed to have no end until the individual was arrested and made available to the authorities.

Now, another group retaliated against the locals, since they have reported incidents from stones to attempted attacks with an electric stun gun by a woman.

The residents of Chelem assured that they have gone to the Prosecutor’s Office in Progreso on several occasions, but to date, they have not received a solution and they have even been told that they do not have time to deal with this type of situation.

According to the residents of Progreso, these accusations are not intended to generalize the entire foreign community based in this port, since many of the protesters are foreign too, and they maintain a good relationship with their employers. Given the above, they ask the authorities to please take into account their requests to achieve peace, because if they are not able to mediate with the troublesome foreigners, they fear that the attacks will continue and at a given moment affect even children or older adults.

A Maritime Route Between Yucatán and Cuba is in the Works  Carlos Rosado van der Gracht  December 22, 2023

Investors and politicians in Yucatán and Cuba have expressed interest in creating a maritime route connecting the two regions, but challenges abound. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine

Discussions to establish a maritime connection between Yucatán and Cuba are underway, according to Cuban consul for the Yucatán Peninsula, Rasiel Calvo Morgolles.

The proposed route between Progreso in Yucatán and Mariel, Cuba, would transport tourists back and forth and cargo as soon as next year.

While the Malecón seafront promenade is a must-visit, there’s more to Havana than just Old Town. Explore the Vedado neighborhood with its art deco mansions, or visit the sprawling Revolution Square dominated by Che Guevara’s portrait. 
The port city of Mariel is located roughly 30 miles from Havana, the country’s capital and largest city. 

Mariel has around 45,000 people and is known for its beautiful beaches, colonial architecture, and rich history.

The most direct sea route between Progreso and Mariel is 395 miles, meaning the trip would take just under 24 hours on a standard cruise ship.

Progreso has experienced considerable growth over the past decade and has become one of the Peninsula’s main ports of call for cruise ships. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine
“This is an extremely ambitious project that will require bilateral cooperation both at the public and private level but would be sure to prove greatly beneficial to both regions,” said Calvo Morgolles.

Despite having recovered some ground since the Pandemic, Cuba’s tourism industry has yet to return fully. According to Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, the total number of visitors to the island over the past year has been roughly half that of 2020.

Havana is Cuba’s most visited tourist destination, known for its music, architecture, and antique automobiles. Bilateral relations between Mexico and Cuba have been relatively positive over the past several years, though significant challenges remain.

For Example, Mexico’s deep economic and security ties with the United States limit its flexibility in engaging with Cuba on several fronts.

That said, visiting Cuba remains a thorny issue for many who consider such an activity as a means of support for the totalitarian regime.

Over the past decades, Yucatán has also become home to at least a couple thousand Cuban nationals, mostly living in Mérida and Progreso.

Mérida has increasingly become the scene of protests held by Cuban nationals demanding an end to the corruption and excesses of the nation’s communist regime.

Cuban protestors in Mérida Yucatán demand an end to the communist regime in the Caribbean island. Photo: Courtesy
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has repeatedly blamed the political unrest in his country on the United States and its continued trade embargo.

As a result of economic hardship, barges of Cuban migrants washing up on the shores of the Yucatán Peninsula have become a relatively common occurrence.

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Free Hamburgers, Fond Memories Attract Hundreds to New Wendy’s in Mérida  Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

December 14, 2023
Wendy’s newest location in Mexico began construction in late September and is now open to the public. 

By 11 this morning, roughly 300 hungry people had formed a long line outside the new Wendy’s restaurant in Xcanatún.

The Baconator and Frosty fanatics started showing up at 10 the night before.

As the time to open the restaurant drew near, some people began to feel restless and accused others of cutting in line.

The line of people waiting to enter Wendy’s stretched as far back as the Super Aki grocery store. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine
The first person inside was a woman, who, when asked her name, blushed and blurted out, “Wendy!”

Not even hoards of locusts and the threat of rain could keep fans of Wendy’s from leaving their spot in line.

“I used to live in the United States when I was a kid and Wendy’s was my favorite, so I decided to round up some friends and camp out,” said Derek R. of Los Heroes, who was fifth in line.

Wendy’s may have fans lining around the block for now, but the restaurant will face stiff competition from several other international, domestic and local chains in Mérdia’s ever-expanding fast food market.

This is Wendy’s second attempt to solidify its hold on Mérida’s market. More than two decades ago, a Wendy’s franchise did business at the Gran Plaza Mall, where Starbucks is now. The burger chain was a popular hangout for teenagers and is now remembered fondly by many adults, which in part may explain today’s huge turnout.

Fans of a certain age also remember one in Col. Pensiones, where Plaza Las Américas was later built.

“We are very excited to open this new restaurant here today, but it’s only the first of several we have planned for the region, said Wendy’s franchise owner Alfredo Jesús Abraham Azar.

Wendy’s was founded by the late businessman Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant is known for its never-frozen square beef patties that protrude from the bun, and for making each burger to order.

Wendy’s in Mexico City’s Miramontes neighborhood. Wendy’s has been in Mexico for over 30 years and has 28 locations in Mexico City, Chihuahua and Nuevo León. That’s changing quickly. Last year, they projected hundreds of new outlets across Mexico.

The push into Mexico is part of a broader international expansion, Restaurant Business reported in 2022. Its rivals have historically had a much stronger presence abroad.

Tlaxcala: Mexico’s Smallest State Has a Lot to Offer Visitors
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht  December 13, 2023

Tlaxcala is the smallest state in Mexico, nestled in the heart of the country. But despite its size, it boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty.

Hacienda Santa Barbara is one of the most unique hotels in all of Mexico and offers a tranquil location from which to explore the state of Tlaxcala. 
During pre-Hispanic times, indigenous Tlaxcalans were a fiercely independent people who successfully resisted the Aztec Empire.

A mural in Tlaxcala city depicts a battle between a Tlaxcaletcan and an Aztec counterpart. Photo: Wikimedia Foundation
In 1519, the Tlaxcalteca people allied with Hernán Cortés, ultimately leading to the Aztec Empire’s fall. As a result of this allegiance, to this day, there is still a sentiment in Mexico that Tlaxcala betrayed the rest of the country.

But this light animosity mostly manifests as silly jokes, pointing at Tlaxcala’s small size and internet memes claiming that the state’s very existence is just a tongue and cheek conspiracy theory.

Tlaxcala is nestled between Puebla, Hidalgo, and Mexico State. Map: Tlaxcala is home to many pre-Hispanic archaeological sites, but the most visited by far Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla, which first rose to power in the 3rd century B.C.E.

The view atop a pyramid in Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla reveals the remains of a megalithic arch with the Popocatépetl volcano in the background. Aside from its massive structures and breathtakingly beautiful vistas, Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla boasts a rather out-of-place feature — Maya murals.

Cacaxtla’s seeming out-of-place murals are undoubtedly the site’s main attraction in an archaeological site brimming with fascinating history. It has been widely speculated that Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla may have been established by either Maya or Olmec peoples, displaced from their own faraway cities. This hypothesis makes a good deal of sense when analyzing the art and architecture of the city, but otherwise has no data to back it up. That said, there is good evidence for the existence of Maya settlements in Central Mexico, as is the example of Maya neighborhoods in Teotihuacán.

The most direct aspect linking Cacaxtla to the Maya is the use of the pigment known as Maya Blue. The state capital, Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl, has a population of just under 100,000, giving it a real small-town feel.

Tlaxcala’s Nuestra Señora de la Asunción was built in the 16th century but has undergone several modifications and refits. 
One of the highlights of the city is the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Tlaxcala church, which is accessible through a gorgeous adobe street and belongs to the larger former convent of San Francisco.

The dome on Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is covered in Talavera tiles. Tlaxcala is also a bit of an oddball in that despite its size, it is home to a wide array of ecosystems, including dense forests and a small desert, complete with dunes.

Given its convenient location near Puebla and Mexico City, the Cuapiaxtla desert has been featured in several films. Despite being right next to the state of Puebla, which is known for its excellent gastronomy, Tlaxcala is no slouch in that department, either. It even has a similar take on mole.

But where the strength of Tlaxcala’s cuisine truly excels is in the freshness of its ingredients, including the wide variety of types of corn produced locally.  Some of the most renowned restaurants in Tlaxcala include Mexko and Meson de los Reyes Val´Quirico. But if you are looking for something a little more down-to-earth, there is nothing like a good traditional huitlacoche or pepita quesadilla.

Huitlacoche is a fascinating and delicious fungus that grows on ears of corn. While it may look unappealing at first glance – resembling a dark, dusty mass – it’s a highly prized ingredient in Mexican cuisine. 

If you go Independently owned hotels in the highly regarded Tesoros Experiences family include El Molino de los Reyes Boutique Hotel, Villa Toscana, and Hacienda Soltepec.

The Hacienda Soltepec in Humantla, Tlaxcala features breathtaking colonial architecture, comfortable rooms, and world-class dining. 

Getting to Tlaxcala is easiest from Puebla or Mexico City, with the trip by land roughly taking an hour or two respectively, under light traffic conditions.

The Popocatépetl volcano, as seen from central Tlaxcala, straddles the states of Morelos, Puebla, and Mexico State. Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán MagazineIf you have an interest on whats happening in Yucatan then check these articles.  Unable to copy and paste like before, sorry.

News articles::

Site logo imageSurviving YucatanTren Maya … Inauguration Day! … It’s RUNNING!yucalandiaDec 15Dec. 15 News:
Public Service Announcement:
The  first Tren Maya trains started running on schedule this monring on some special INAUGURAL ROUTES between Cancun – Merida- Campeche one just subpart … of just one level …  of Tren Maya’s 5 different kinds of trains.Notice that the time to go from Merida’s TEYA station to the Cancun Airport is 3 hrs 26 minutes … plus another 30 minutes to take the tram to Merida Centro. (Note the time change loss of an hour.) The Return voyage from Cancun Aerport to TEYA (outside Merida) takes 3:36 minutes. (Note the time change gains of an hour.)|Then, notice the 7 AM and 11 AM Departure times from Cancun, aren’t that practical for most travellers arriving in Cancun, who want to use the train to shuttle to Merida ..  Finally, notice the 2pm arrival time into Cancun … and 6 pm arrival time into Cancun … doesn’t coordinate well for using the train to get to the Cancun airport for same day flights. Let’s hope they resolve these issues … as the bring more trains ONLINE. ?And yes, this initial service describes less than 95% of the Tren Maya train services that will be coming in-line gradually this next 2 yrs,
(Editor’s professional estimate).May be an image of train, map and textTouristic Trains, Local Passenger Trains, Express Trains … and FREIGHT RAIL Service to Merida:
In addition to Express Trains (high speed rail) and Touristic Trains that ALL use the major stations (Estaciones – see below), and  the Local Passenger trains (stopping at lots of local smaller Paraderos) … also consider how the Tren Maya will deliver container loads of materials & goods from the Asian Tigers directly to shops & factories in Merida.As the older August report on the freight rail connections with the huge Isthumus de Tehuantepec program, that will rival the Panama Canal … describes how the Tren Maya system wiil ultimately give direct freight rail service to Merida … of containers of materials & goods directly by rail from the ships of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand … to supply new factories in & around Merida …producing lots of new goods to be shipped out of Progreso to the USA, Canada, & Europe.August Tren Maya Report: ~ ~ ~and then consider this more recent report: 4, 2023 Update
The Tren Maya Program’s 5 levels of service … on 7 sections of tracks … will be starting on different dates, starting on Dec. 15 for the Campeche to Cancun round trip TOURIST service.Tickets for the Campeche-Cancun TOURIST service route go on sale Dec. 1, 2023.The Cancun-Campeche route shows just 2 Tourist trains per day right now leaving at 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM … with the same prices & same times whether you depart from Cancun Airport, or from Campeche City:Estación Cancún: Cancún, Quintana Roo & Estación Campeche: Campeche:CLASE TURISTA  –  ADULTO      $1,166.00CLASE PREMIER –  ADULTO      $1,862.00 ~ ~ ~Nov. 7, 2023    Original newsTren Maya … “Tsíimin K’áak” … LATEST UPDATES:
AMLO announced several details about the various Tren Maya programs yesterday.
~ Passenger rail tickets will go on sale Dec. 1, 2023 for “Tramo 2, 3, y 4 del Proyecto Ferroviaro” … (See link below for details)**
Obviously tickets will being sold for just the completed parts of the 5 different Tren Maya sub-programs.
~ As a general rule: Ticket prices will be set at 10% lower than the bus costs for the same routes.  Past reports said that the cheapest slow train, stopping at all the local stops, will charge just $50 pesos.   The next level up (lujo) of the slow train with local stops may cost $75 peso.  The fast Tourist Train will be priced 10% below the typical bus prices for the same routes.
~ Just as our government will inaugurate (open) Le Parque La Plancha in Merida on Sunday, Nov. 19, they will inaugurate the stop at the Cancun International Airport on Dec. 1 .
~ The Campeche to Cancun loop (Tramos 2, 3, & 4 – see map below) will OPEN for service on Dec. 15, 2023.(Read details below)
~ The Cancun to Palenque route (Tramos 1 through 5) are planned to open by Feb. 29, 2024..
The Mayan train project | Alstom

Background Information:**”The route of the Tren Maya is made up of seven sections (7 tramos) of approx. 1460 km (total).”
“Section 2 of the Tren Maya covers 234 km from Campeche, from Escárcega to Calkiní, with a route that crosses six municipalities and 31 towns, You can ascend and descend at two stations and three stops, reported the general director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur)… “
SEE Red-Line in this map:
image = = =
“The Mayan Train track in Section 2 (Tramo 2) is already finished and consists of 234 kilometers throughout six municipalities, from Escárcega to Calkiní, in the state of Campeche,
where the works have generated 27 thousand jobs, reported the general director of the Mayan Train company, Óscar David Lozano Águila.”
“.. the Campeche Railway Bypass, of 18.76 kilometers that is being built as a very important component of this route, the five viaducts were also completed and the 49 pedestrian, vehicular and wildlife crossings … “
” … on this Section 2 route, the Mayan Train benefits more than 535 thousand people who live in the area according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).”
” … the Section 2 route will have five stations located in Carrillo Puerto-Champotón, Edzná, San Francisco Campeche, Tenabo and Hecelchakán, as well as a Maintenance Base in Edzná and an operations yard in Pomuch as part of the infrastructure that will provide the transportation service. cargo on the Mayan Train. “Mauricio Vila announces that “Gran Parque La Plancha” will be ready by  November 19 - The Yucatan Times
” ESTACIONES:(Major railway stations – not including minor local stops)
Las estaciones que están proyectadas para la operación en distintas fases del proyecto son las siguientes:1. Palenque2. Tenosique3. Balancán4. Escárcega5. San Francisco de Campeche6. Mérida7. Izamal8. Chichen Itzá9. Valladolid10. Cobá11. Cancún12. Puerto Morelos13. Playa del Carmen14. Tulum15. Felipe Carrillo Puerto16. Bacalar17. Chetumal18. Xpujil “.
NOTICE that the “Estaciones” are the major railway stations for the ~fast~ Tourist train version of Tren Maya to stop at … MEANWHILE the 2 levels of slower Passenger local trains will have lots of additional local stops (Paradereos)
Be sure to look at the second map below for all the smalller local stops – Paraderos – for the 2 slower levels of passenger trains … ?
image-1…/513993/TM_ANEXO_TECNICO_VF2__1_.pdf…/tren-maya-tramo-2-concluida-la-via…and the Nov. 6 , 2023 Matutina – as reported in the Nov. 7, 2023 “La Jornada Maya”*                 *                 *                 *Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. FryRead-on MacDuff . . .

There is a new  market in Chicxulub.  It is every Tues 9-2 at Viejo Bar calle 17 x 20 y 22.  Call 999 134 8597 Check it out!!

One of the vendors Kimberly sells fudge : I make 8 different fudges; Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle, Pistachio, Maple Walnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut, Nutella, Chocolate Nut. Plus I make Christmas ornaments, Keychains and Pendants.


Have discovered that these items we think are recyclable maybe in Canada are not so here in the Yucatan

If you have an interest on what’s happening in Yucatan then check these articles.  Unable to copy and paste like before, sorry.

News articles::

Bigger Jimmy Buffett cruise ship will sail out of Tampa next year

Mon, December 4, 2023

Jimmy Buffett has died, but his brand lives on in the cruise line Margaritaville at Sea, which has been offering low-cost cruises out of Palm Beach. On Monday the company announced that Tampa will be the port of call for its next, much larger cruise ship, offering trips to Mexico and Key West.

The ship, called the Islander, will have its first sailing June 14 on a four-night itinerary from Port Tampa Bay, with a stop in Cozumel, Mexico, and two days at sea. It will offer four- and five-night cruises with stops in Key West, Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan town of Progreso.

The ship, once known as Costa Cruises Atlantica, has not sailed since being docked during the pandemic. It is undergoing a major overhaul that spans 12 passenger decks accommodating 2,650 passengers. The company says it is redesigning all 1,100 staterooms.

“The ship will feature a soaring 14-story atrium with a unique nautical Margaritaville flip flop and a lively atrium bar with three awe-inspiring multi-story floating margarita glass chandeliers,” the company’s news release says.

It will feature a three-story poolside LandShark Bar at Sea and a Margaritaville-inspired cornhole and mini-golf course alongside new family-friendly spaces like the Caribbean Amphibian Splash and Slide. Dining options will include JWB Prime Steakhouse and Rita’s Taco House. Those who have sailed aboard the Palm Beach-based Margaritaville at Sea Paradise will find several familiar favorites, including Paradise Pickleball at Sea, Frank and Lola’s Pizzeria, Margaritaville Coffee Shop and Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Guests can reserve 2024 sailings online at and take advantage of preview incentives available for a limited time.

Prices for the ship’s four-night sailings start at $209 per person, while its five-night cruises start at $265 (both rates include a 30% early preview discount).