1. One Scientific view of COVID vaccines:
    … To jab, or not to jab …
    That’s the question … especially if you only have the Sino Vaccine or the Sputnik 5 Vaccine available.
    Because there are no dry-ice facilities here in Yucatan to protect the fragile Pfizer vaccine when it’s out at the dispenseries … we likely will have NONE of the top 3 vaccines here, for months …. until Moderna delivers a 300,000 or so doses here in the Yucatan Peninsula … (because Yucatan’s relatively low rates** of new COVID infections is so much lower than other parts of Mexico who are suffering much worse)
    That’s Where Reality Steps In:
    If the Sino Vaccine or the Sputnik 5 vaccines are the only ones available here…. and if you get the Sino or Sputnik Vaccine … Then … go get blood tested for anti-COVID ANTIBODIES at a local lab…. 2 weeks after the last Vaccine injection. … IF the scientific test results prove you have a high serum COVID-antibody titer results, then YOUR”RE PROTECTED.
    This is a reliable approach because … our bodies’ responses to the COVID Vaccines have been 10X to 100X higher antibody levels, than antibody levels from “natural” COVID infections.
    Why are there concerns about the Sino Vaccine & the Sputnik 5 Vacccine?
    Local context:
    Notice that no other news sources seem to be reporting this important helpful scientifically proven information … including the biggest Expats in Yucatan FB groups who block this vital medical advice., because of the mods personal feuds.
BEAT COVID NOW with Proven Solutions … aka COVID Keeps Spreading Because We Are Still Doing the Wrong Things by yucalandia

2. January 5, 2021

Think about why 26 million New Zealanders & Taiwanese people have only 32 COVID deaths, while the USA, Mexico, & Canada have over 500,000 COVID deaths … of which, 425,000 of them died unnecessarily (per the head of Harvard Medical School).

Why have we unnecessarily killed 425,000 North Americans?

Basically, it’s because the USA, Mexico & Canada chose to follow 12 months of non-scientist Medical Doctors very wrong, very dangerous, ineffective advice … Top scientists were writing last March, 2020 that “Wash Your Hands”, “Disinfect Everything”, and “Socially Distance 6 Feet” … would somehow magically stop COVID’s airborne transmission by our inhaling invisible fine aersols from people talking, especially indoors.

Then, 7 months too late, (and continuing now), the non-scientist Medical Doctors continue to ignore 20 yrs of COVID Science, SARS Science & Aerosol Science reports, by telling us to wear ..”cloth masks” and “face-coverings” … even though it has been proven for years that 70% leaky cloth masks leak far too many highly-infectious COVID invisible fine aerosols – meaning all the cloth mask wearers are still spreading COVID.

Solving the COVID problem requires us to blend & follow the scientific results of 4 different areas: Virology of Upper Respiratory Viruses, proven Public Health programs, Medical treatments, and the 40 yrs of Aerosol Science of how to stop highly infectious COVID fine aerosols emitted people talking

This means that Medical Doctors (like Faucci of CDC), and even the virologists, have continued to ignore the key BIG current issues of our mistakes …. because the l’st 12 months of their mistakes are what’s spreading COVID:

Use TIGHT-fitting Medical Grade Masks ONLY !
1. ~ Cloth masks need to go into the trash ~ … TODAY !

Cloth masks generally leak 70% – because it takes 16 LAYERS of cotton cloth to equal just ONE medical grade mask …

70% leakage by cloth masks – causes wearers to inhale way too many highly-infectious invisible COVID fine aerosols … 70% leakage of crap cloth masks is a huge part of 500,000 unnecessary dead Americans & Mexican … 70% leakage is causing 23 million people still getting COVID here, because their cloth masks are guaranteed to fail when we need them most. (and Yes, Virginia, “facecovering” are totally bogus, offering no protection. )

2. ~ The Medical Doctor’s “6 ft rule” has always been unscientific & wrong.
8 ft to 10 ft +plus effective fresh air movement, are needed to protect people when masks are off to eat or drink. The non-scientific Medical Doctor’s guess of a “6 ft Rule” is based on magical Medical Doctor’s magical unscientific unrealistic imaginings that the invisible COVID fine aerosols magically move out in all directions simultaneously, to make a uniformly infectious cloud around the talker.

This Medical Doctors’ magical idea is completely wrong, and always has been. Simple scientific calculations, AND 40 years of measurements by Aerosol Scientists on these fine aerosols … prove the aerosols move out in plumes, just like plumes of cigarette smoke … like tongues of vapor … often going out 8 ft in JUST ONE direction … at still highly-infectious concentrations.

PROVEN REALITY: Somewhere between 8 – 10 ft, the infectious fine aerosols disperse to safe levels, UNLESS there is a flow of fresh air – from a fan or a breeze.

This means we are still having huge problems of narrow specialists NOT KNOWING, not learning the key critical facts from the multi-disciplinarians … A good scientist has to read over 20 yrs of scientific reports from 4 fields …. It requires blending the knowledge & details of a good virologist, a good Public Health expert, a good Medical Doctor, AND a good Aerososol Scientist.

How can an ordinary reader possibly plow through over 90 key research reports and then assemble the key disparate facts from 4 different disciplines? … Fortunately, you don’t have to … This task was done … and published … last March, 2020:


Read this good technical article** from last March – based on over 90 research reports from all four critical areas – to read what we should have been doing… and what we should be doing … now… Because it explains why we have needlessly killed over 300,000 Americans (per the Heads of both Harvard & Brown Universities Medical Schools) and killed over 100,000 Mexicans … by doing unscientific things for the last 12 straight months.

Then read the latest information on COVID vaccines & How to get vaccinated effectively:

= = = =
Sadly … ONLY Taiwan & New Zealand have followed Science since last January … blessing themselves with just 32 COVID deaths, out of 26 million citizens.

We can change … and BEAT COVID NOW …. by finally making the small changes of wearing only tight-fitting medical grade masks … 8 – 10 ft Social distances … or fans, breezes moving in fresh air.

or … We can continue to suffer, by following the very wrong … 12 months of failed advice … of non-scientist Medical Doctors.

Finally, notice that vaccines will likely not be available to most of us, until next Summer, so, it’s time to choose: Keep doing the failed-unscientific Medical Doctor’s proven failed-approaches … or … Wear only a tight-fitting medical grade mask (N95 or KN95) and Socially Distance by 8 ft to 10 ft, with fresh air movement when eating or drinking without a mask.

and … After you get your COVID vaccination, consider getting an inexpensive fast COVID antibody lab test, 2 wks later, to prove you have good levels of the protective antibodies.

Stay safe out there…
Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science

Feel free to copy this information, with attributions to Yucalandia.com.


Deaths After Getting the Pfizer – BioNTech Vaccines Are Increasing by yucalandia January 6, 2021 Readers should be aware of three deaths in just the last few days, all after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. ~ One shocking death in Portugal, Jan 1 … likely due to a reaction to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. … “(The nurse-patient) had only complained about ‘normal’ discomfort in the area where she was jabbed but was otherwise fine.” … until she died. … Injected Dec 30, dead by Jan 1. ~ 2 deaths in Norway by elderlies who got the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
“… Norway is investigating the death of two nursing home residents who died after receiving doses of the Pfizer – BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.”Plus:1 death in Portugal, from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine…. all happened after getting the Pfizer vaccine. https://www.wionews.com/world/norway-investigating-death-of-two-people-who-received-pfizers-coronavirus-vaccine-354716 We will offer more details as they arise. Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science * * * * * * *
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This is the medical report for this Monday, January 4:

As we have pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily income. Today we have 168 patients in public hospitals.

23,225 patients have already recovered: they do not have symptoms and cannot be contagious. This figure represents 86% of the total registered infections, which are 26,796.

Today 78 new infections of Coronavirus were detected.

38 in Mérida,

10 in Progress,

8 in Valladolid,

4 in Tinum,

3 in Ticul and in Tizimín,

2 in Dzitás and Tekax, and

2 foreigners, and

1 in Dzemul, Hunucmá, Temozón, Tetiz, Tixpéual and Umán.

Of the 26,796 positive cases, 233 are from another country or state.

Report Jan. 12 2021

As you can see, the virus experience is no different here than elsewhere.

Coronavirus is spreading more quickly across Mexico than at any other time in the pandemic.

Active coronavirus cases in Yucatán rose by 43% in one week after the dreaded post-holiday surge in contagions began. The total number of patients battling COVID-19 was 898 on Monday after 269 tested positive for coronavirus in seven days.

New infections on Monday totaled 109, bringing to 27,600 the number of cases found in Yucatán since March. Five men and three women, between 57 to 84, perished.

Most new cases were in Mérida, at 109. Another nine were in Valladolid, eight in Peto, two in Ticul, Tinum and Yaxkabá; and one in Chichimilá, Kanasín, Motul, Progreso, San Felipe, Tekax and Tizimín. A “foreigner,” from somewhere outside Yucatán, also tested positive.

Hospitalizations have increased 47% in two weeks, and the field hospital set up in the Siglo XXI convention center remains on standby for overflow patients, said Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal. Private hospitals have all the coronavirus patients they can take, so new admissions are restricted to the public medical centers.

Across Mexico

The infections mirror a national crisis. Coronavirus is spreading more quickly in Mexico than at any other time in the pandemic.

The federal health ministry reported 107,945 new cases the first 10 days of January, including a record 16,105 cases on Saturday.

Holiday celebrations and relaxed protocols were to blame, said Malaquías López, a public health professor at the National Autonomous University and spokesperson for the university’s COVID-19 commission.

Deaths have also increased at a rapid pace, up by 9.5% so far this month compared to the final 10 days of 2020.

The more contagious strain of the coronavirus made its way to Mexico. The Tamaulipas Health Ministry said it was detected in a 56-year-old British national who was recently in the United Kingdom.

Jesús Ramírez, President Manuel Andrés López Obrador’s spokesman, said Sunday that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I am in good health but I’ll be working from home following all the sanitary protocols,” he wrote on Twitter, two days after being seen passing a microphone to the president while neither wore a face mask. AMLO has not gone into isolation despite the contact. Source: SSY, Diario de Yucatán

USA Requires a Negative COVID PCR Test Result after Jan. 26, 2021 – List of Approved Merida Labs by yucalandia

January 16, 2021
Starting Jan. 26, 2021, Airlines flying into the USA will require negative COVID PCR approved** test results, with the test being taken no more than 3 days before flying. Antibody test results are not compliant with USA requirements.
See here for US Govt official details:
**Determined readers can see this Mexican Govt. Website for a lists of approved laboratories across Mexico:
Example: See Item 147 for Quintana Roo’s approved Academic lab.

**List of USA Approved PCR-COVID Testing in Yucatan

Biomédicos de Mérida
PCR Testing Available, but no prices listed, and no info offered on how quickly PCR results are ready.
Telephone: +52    999 1 61 90 86 for COVID**

**They offer both lab appointments AND … They offer to come to your home for PCR testing.
Multiple Locations in Merida
Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. de 2:00 p.m.
Alternate Telephone: +52 999 161 9086

CEDEME  – Centro Especializado en Diagnosticos Medicos
PCR Test Results Available in 12 hrs … $3,588 con IVA
Certification of PCR Test Results Available in 12 hrs … $1,044
Telephone: +52    555 0 29 19 96
ONE Merida location + PDC & Cancun locations

 PCR Tests for $2,799 (sin IVA?) – No posted information on how long it takes to get results
Telephone: +52 555 0 29 19 96
 Multiple Locations in Merida

Clinica de Merida
 Same Day PCR Test Results … 10% discount until Jan 31, 2021
COVID Appointment Telephone: +52 999 7 50 39 90    
Lab Telephone: +52 999 9 42 18 00    ext. 1218
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clinicademerida
One location in Merida… Av. Itzaes & C25, Garcia Gineres

Diagno Lab
PCR Tests
Telephone: +52 999 2 42 84 00   – with different phone #’s for their 14 Merida locations.
7:00 AM start times at some locations
14 Merida Locations … https://www.diagnolabs.com.mx/sucursales

Farmacias del Ahorro
 PCR Tests are supposedly available, but their website is cranky & does not describe details.
https://www.fahorro.com/prueba_antigenos? utm_source=HomeFahorro&utm_medium=slider/

Faro del Mayab
PCR Tests for $3,900
Telephone: +52 999 2 28 61 04     & +52 999 1 37 23 15
One Merida Location

PCR Tests available, but the website has minimal information – see their FB COVID page
Telephone: +52 999 9 44 47 47 for appointments
COVID info: https://www.facebook.com/quimialab/photos/pcb.1328242464177755/1328242197511115/Multiple

Locations in Merida: Calle 17 #182-B por 14 y 16 Colonia México Oriente
Calle 103 Diag. por 36 esq. #333-A, Plaza La Fer Local 4. Sobre Av. Tanlum

Star Medica
PCR COVID Tests available … but their website offers no details.
Telephone: 999 9 30 28 80

New from USA:


#ReporteCovid: Cases increase in Progreso. 10 new infections and one death

Progress Today

Published 21 hours ago 

he Jan 22, 2021

ByProgress Today

This is the medical report for this Friday, January 22:

In recent days there has been a significant increase in hospital admissions, so we ask the population not to lower their guard and continue to act responsibly and follow health measures, to avoid compromising our hospital capacity and interrupting the process of economic reactivation .

As we have pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily income. Today we have 199 patients in public hospitals.

24,941 patients have already recovered: they do not present symptoms nor can they infect. This figure represents 86% of the total registered infections, which are 28,915.

Today 201 new infections of Coronavirus were detected.

162 in Mérida,

10 in Progress,

5 in Valladolid,

4 in Motul,

3 in Kanasín,

2 in Chichimilá, Maxcanú and Umán, and

2 foreigners, and

1 in Baca, Cacalchén, Muxupip, Peto, Sucilá, Teabo, Ticul, Timucuy and Tizimín.

Of the 28,915 positive cases, 247 are from another country or state.


Merida, with 17,566

Valladolid, 2,071

Tizimin, 992

Ticul, 813

Kanasín, 691

Uman, 690

Progress, 654

Tekax, 458

Peto, 268

Motul, 256

Temozón, 241

Tinum, 205

Hunucma, 186

Chemax, 178

Izamal, 163

Buctzotz, 132

Spigot, 113

Maxcanú, 108

San Felipe, 103, and

Acanceh, 100.


Center, with 51

Caucel City, 41

John Paul II, 25

The Americas, 20

Francisco de Montejo, 17

Mulsay, 16

Vergel, 14

Industrial City, 13

San José Tecoh, 10

Pacabtún, Porvenir and Emiliano Zapata Oriente, with 9 each

The Heroes, 8

Castilla Cámara and Dolores Otero, 7, and

Lindavista, Pinos del Norte, Manuel Ávila Camacho, Melchor Ocampo and Nueva Kukulkán, 6.


Merida, with 563

Valladolid, 47

Progress, 35

Uman, 22

Kanasín, 21

Peto and Tizimín, 16

Dzidzantún, 11

Chichimila, 6

Ticul, 5

Buctzotz, Izamal, Mocochá, Tekax, Timucuy and Tzucacab, 4 and,

Hunucmá, Motul, Temozón and Tinum, 3.


Merida, with 1,395

Valladolid, 91

Uman, 86

Kanasín, 69

Motul, 59

Progress, 55

Tizimin, 52

Ticul, 49

Izamal, 46

Acanceh, 39

Hunucma, 33

Maxcanú, 29

Muna, 24

Tixkokob, 22

Flattered, 21

Tekax, 20

Oxkutzcab and Tecoh, 19

Conkal, 17 and,

Baca, 14.

Specifically, in Mérida, 17,566 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (accumulated cases as of January 21), living in:

5,115 in the North zone

4,788 in the East zone

1,648 in the Downtown area

2,367 in the South zone

3,648 in the Poniente area

Unfortunately, in this medical report we report 13 deaths:

1.- 73-year-old male from Mérida DM / HAS

2.- 69-year-old male from Mérida Without comorbidities

3.- 60-year-old female from Mérida HAS

4.- 74-year-old female from Tetiz Without comorbidities

5.- 45-year-old male from Umán DM

6.- 95-year-old female from Mérida Without comorbidities

7.- 71-year-old male from Merida Hepatopathy

8.- 66-year-old male from Mérida DM / HAS

9.- 79-year-old male from Mérida Obesity / Cardiovascular disease / SAH

10.- Male 79 years of Progress Hypothyroidism

11.- 79-year-old male from Umán Immunosuppression

12.- 61-year-old female from Tekax DM / HAS / Obesity

13.- 86-year-old male from Mérida DM / HAS


In total, 3,068 people died from the Coronavirus.

Of the active cases, 707 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.

As we already mentioned, 199 of the positive cases are in public hospitals and in total isolation. There are other patients awaiting diagnosis.

The age range of the cases is from 1 month to 99 years.