Lots of activities over the summer thanks to Carmita and her team of volunteers.  I will give you a nutshell group of photos to keep you up to date.

Aprender Jugando(Playing to learn): this group is to work with children in various school subjects such as mathematics, writing, printing and colouring. The size of the group varies depending on availability and subjects.

Responsible Volunteers: Karol, Irma, Ariel, Lizandro and Carmita
Attendees: Deymar, Alberto, Roberto and Emili.

Roseangela and her volunteer youth group held occasional Live events on Face Book. For those that this is new too(like me), it is a live auction to raise money for various events. This helped raise money for a client with ovarian cancer who needed tomography. It was a total of 1800 pesos and voila, she had it done. Another event was focused on raising money for an Asperger assessment at 2400 Mexican pesos. Not totally achieved yet!

The canches for the vegetable gardens came to a pause as the sun was too hot to grow and the plants were burnt.