For me this was a different manner of doing the dispensas. Jody and Carmita were comfortable with the format as they had done it before. But for me it was different. Many of the homes I remember visiting where not as I remembered and many changes related to the weather and neighbours!

Some folks came to the house while others stayed at home. Lots of masks and warm smiles!

People who are needing assistance this month:

We met Tania and Gabriela, sisters who are both married, have 3 children and both husbands are out of work and both pay 2000 pesos a month for rent; A family who lost everything; Workers delivering material received dispensas instead of tips; A young woman with 2 children whose husband is frustrated and broke everything they had asked for help including glasses.

A letter was posted at the comisario that we have free landfill and one family arrived and took some away. Another manner of help.

Thank you for all your responses via Konrad, Food for Children, Canada Helps or directly to my bank in Canada.  Since the request went out April 3rd the Food Bank has received $5000 and have helped many people of Chicxulub with both food and clothing during this difficult time.