This request comes from Kitty, who has been involved with several successful projects, most recently CAPP program.

Luis’ son & daughter-in-law were here yesterday with some good news for a change.  He was discharged from the hospital on the 14th and is now in an a/c bedroom in his daughter’s home in Progreso.

Marijose is unmarried, has no kids, and works only seasonally in fish processing so she is in a position to take care of Luis while he recovers, although it will take at least 6-8 months during which time he obviously can’t work (no sun or outdoors either) and he will need “skin washings” every few days by a professional nurse who will come to the house.  At present, 80% of the first layer of skin has already regenerated and his long-term prognosis is very good according to his doctors.
The family borrowed the money to pay the hospital bills and honorarios so the house is safe from seizure and there’s no mortgage on it.  The damage was substantial as part of the roof was blown off as well as several sections of wall.  There’s no electricity or water either so repairs will be substantial down the road (they have not looked into this yet).  The total debt at the moment for medical expenses is just under NP300,000  (US$15,000 or Can$20,000) which doesn’t include home nursing care for the next several months.
So…that’s the latest update and below are 2 photos of Luis post-accident and his lovely family.  Standing from left to right are Luz Marie, Luis and Marijose.  Seated is his son, Dario, holding his 2 girls, Gisella and Victoria.  Daughter-in-law Jessica took the photo so she’s not in it.