I received an email from a group of Grade 5 students who were interested in how the Food Bank operates.  Well, it turns out this group is interested in a project called Zero Hunger and wanted to better understand the workings of the Chicxulub Food Bank.  So it was time for a “show and tell” session.

Jack Pearson, Edgar Ahumada Robles, Mia Stephani and Natali Bobadilla Ysidro with Carmita

The group arrived and we spent a good 1 1/2 hours chatting about Zero Poverty and their involvement. We talked about how we selected the foodstuff received monthly and the importance of awareness in the community. They were interested in the new location and setup of the building. Before they left they had decided to look into how they might help the Chicxulub Food Bank.

This group was interested and enthusiastic about their project. Will share more as they move through their process.