Hola to Luis’ many friends and supporters,

This is the final report.

WE  DID  IT!!!  Thanks to several very generous gifts in April, we have exceeded our goal and been able to pay off Luis’ medical debt in full with a wee bit left which the family will put towards repairs to their damaged house.  Luis will still need some follow-up medical care as well as several months of physical therapy twice weekly which my partner and I will pay for but the worst, financially, is now behind him and his family.  They have asked me to pass along their deepest and most sincere appreciation to everyone who made this possible.  With misty eyes, Jessica said to me last week that she never would have imagined there were so many caring and generous people in the entire world.  I have asked her for short letters from each of the 2 debt holders confirming that the debt has been fully paid and will forward these as soon as I receive them.

More good news!  Luis is finally back at home with his family, although he’s going a bit stir crazy because he’s not supposed to expose his skin to direct sunlight yet – an almost impossible task here in super sunny Yucatan.  The problem of the abscess on his chest has finally been resolved as exploratory surgery revealed a flesh-eating bacteria that was chewing away at subcutaneous tissue and causing the repeated infections.  A thorough cleaning of the wound site, cauterization and a very strong antibiotic seem to have finally resolved that problem.  There are still a few areas of blistering on his arms and legs which should respond to medicated creams and heal in the next month or two.  I teasingly told him he’d better hurry up and get well because I’m in the process of buying a little house in Chicxulub that needs a lot of remodeling so I will soon be in need of a maestro to supervise the many projects.  I thought the promise of work when he’s ready would lift his spirits – and it did – as well as my own as he is a joy to work with.

Before I sign off, I would like to also extend my sincerest gratitude to each and all of you wonderful, generous and caring people.  I hope that the gifts you bestowed upon Luis are returned to you a thousand fold and that you are blessed with health and happiness always.

Abrazos de Yucatan,
Kitty Morgan