Luis’ recovery is moving along poco a poco, although he had a small setback last month because the area where the debris hit him in his upper chest developed an abscess (a nasty looking, large pussy blister) which doctors removed and stitched the wound (at no additional medical cost).  It ruptured a second time and was again pus-filled so a biopsy was taken and, thankfully, no cancer was found.  His primary physician recommended exploratory surgery to see what was going on inside but the family wisely decided to get a second opinion before agreeing.  That will happen on April 4th. 

His doctor has finally agreed to some “basic, soft” physical therapy on his shoulders and upper arms (legs aren’t healed enough yet) so we sent our PT guy over and Luis is now receiving PT twice weekly on our dime.  I’ll bet that simply having a visitor to break up his boring routine will help with the depression, as well as with regaining his strength.  He says it is somewhat painful which only means it’s working to keep the skin flexible as it heals.  Interestingly, our PT guy’s name is also Luís.

His depression seems to be waning; in fact, he attended a softball game last week in which his son was playing.  As it was a night game (no sun), his doctors gave a thumbs up and he really enjoyed himself, according to his daughter-in-law.  Attached are some recent photos which clearly show healing progress.

The Debt is now down to NP80,000 with one final NP40,000 distribution due on April 9th.  I advised Jessica that not many new donations are trickling in, thus, the well may soon be dry so I suggested to her that she try to set aside as much as possible from the NP10,000 envelopes she receives every other week (there are just 3 more of these) but that has proved very challenging for the family.  Unless we receive a few more donations, the final distribution of the funds I have on hand will be on April 16th, leaving a balance due on the debt of NP40,000 (approximately US$2,250) so please continue to circulate these updates on your social media pages and encourage your contacts to help us cross the finish line!

If you would like to donate in Can$ you can do a free bank-to-bank e-transfer via interac to   If you include a security question, make sure you e-mail Debbi Renes the required answer as she will need this to retrieve the cash from her account.

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