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Chix Food Bank, began operating in November 2005 by a group of individuals who came together to respond to an identified need in Chicxulub, Yucatan.

In the village of Chicxulub there are about 6,000 people.  The main industry is fishing.  Of course, this work is at the mercy of the weather and between the hurricane and the norte seasons often the port  is closed so there is no opportunity to go out fishing.  Therefore we have families who have limited resources to care for their families.  We also have elderly people who rely on their children to care for them and help them on a day-to-day basis.

There is a huge need to assist people suffering from many forms of poverty.  Your support can change lives.

For only $75 CAD / 1250 pesos, you can feed a family for a year!

Current News and Updates on the Chicxulub Foodbank

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Our New House

The house has been jumping with activities these days. There have been workshops for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gardening, compost understanding, group support to namea few. I want to introduce you to the teams responsible for the gardening component, volunteers getting the dispensas ready and youth volunteers making plans to get into their educational programs as things begin returning to “normal.” The gardening groups are organized with youth volunteers as leaders and families who have expressed an interest. I might get a tad confused and I apologize. Sunday there are 2 groups. Sembrando el futuro (4-5) with youth volunteer Juan Diego and Tesoro Verde (5;30-6:30) with youth volunteer Yessica. Monday Mi amiga la tierra with youth volunteer Irma, Lizandro y Carmita Tuesday Lu’um Ya’ax with youth volunteer Dario y Maria Luisa Wednesday El Amor a la siembra with youth volunteer Karol Thursday Sembrando en familia with youth volunteer Galilea Saturday Sembrando Valores with youth volunteer Sinai y Damaris Experiential sessions: Each group has been involved in active workshops creating special gifts for Mother and Father Days as well as gardening activities. All material used in the gift workshops have been recycled material as has most of the material for the gardening ones. The gardening ones focused on the 3 Rs and the groups made their composts and insecticides for their plants. Casa de las mujeres de Chicxulub Liz, the hairdresser some of you know from Chixculub has a group of ladies doing embroidery on rebozos (shawls). These are a few examples. Cost is 520 pesos. Malu is working with the youth volunteers who are interested in continuing their education.... read more


You will notice with our newsletter there are choices of language. The website can be read in english, french and spanish thanks to Andre and Malu. Enjoy. Things happen here as they do back home. Due to numbers and disregard of health measures Yucatan is back in the orange zone. The curfew is back in place as well as restaurant openings and other activities. Here is the report for June 23rd: A person barely 22 years old died of the coronavirus in Yucatán. This is one of the 11 victims left by this disease in the last 24 hours, and that is why the authorities insist to the population that extreme precautions must be taken since the pandemic has not yet ended. oday 269 ??new coronavirus infections were announced, of which 155 were in Mérida, 34 in Kanasín, 10 in Tizimín, 8 in Motul, Progreso and Umán, 6 in Valladolid, 5 in Acanceh and Conkal, 2 in Chumayel, Dzidzantún, Hunucmá, Maxcanú, Tekax and Tixkokob, 2 foreigners, and one in Cacalchén, Homún, Huhí, Izamal, Mama, Maní, Muxupip, Oxkutzcab, Río Lagartos, Sucilá, Suma, Tahmek, Tixcacalcupul, Tixpékukcu, Uxulcú.This is the medical report for this Friday, June 18: Yesterday a new batch of 149,340 vaccines against the Coronavirus arrived in Yucatán. Today 293 new infections of Coronavirus were detected. 181 in Mérida, 20 in Progreso, 16 in Hunucmá, 14 in Kanasín, 8 in Ticul, 5 in Buctzotz, 4 in Tizimín, 3 in Hoctún, Motul, Samahil, Seyé and Tecoh, 2 in Conkal, Maxcanú, Tekax, Tixkokob and Tixpéual, 1 in Akil, Baca, Cacalchén, Chankom, Chicxulub Pueblo, Chocholá, Kinchil, Muna, Oxkutzcab, Peto, Santa Elena, Sotuta, Teabo, Temozón, Tetiz, Tinum, Tixcacalcupul, Umán and Xocchel, and... read more

June 2021 Dispensa

Well the 15th was wet and spitting rain but the streets were flooded.  However folks came for their dispensas and extra of chicken soup and a plastic dish to keep.   Our chef is not really... read more

Our New Home

Lots of activities for everyone.  In the past 6 weeks there have been the work done on gardening, a forensic workshop for fingerprinting and one for making gifts for moms and children as each day is celebrated. FORENSIC WORKSHOP This was a fingerprinting session presented by Malu who has her degree in Forensic Studies and enjoys teaching the kids. I wonder how many budding CSI’s are in the group. Gardening-Canches Our kids are learning quickly about their abilities to plan, act and now water and watch their gardens (canches). Each team has a day to come to the house and check, water and weed their particular bed. Workshops for kids and moms to make gifts for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and many special occasions. ROCK... read more


I am continuing to show interesting articles about Yucatan and Mexico. These stories talk about covid status, changes in Progreso, education and other interesting information. MERIDA.– Unlike the neighboring state of Quintana Roo, where social mobility restrictions have again been tightened and economic activities restricted due to an increase in Covid-19 infections, in Yucatan the measures taken by the state government have been firm and constant, which has prevented the overflow of hospital services and allowed a controlled economic and social reopening. After the announcement by the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, of five new restrictive measures in the face of what he called a “not encouraging outlook”, Quintana Roo residents will have to return to a partial confinement that includes closing avenues, supervision of schedules and capacity, suspension of social gatherings and entry and exit restrictions at business events, competitions or congresses. Failure to comply with these measures could lead to the imposition of fines and closures and, if the situation worsens, return to the red light, which would imply the total closure of activities. In Yucatan, on the other hand, a very different and encouraging panorama is observed, since the measures that were taken in terms of restrictions on working hours, vehicular mobility and transit in some areas of the center, as well as the mandatory and correct use of face masks and hygiene, keep the state on a yellow traffic light and with ample freedom for the activities of the Yucatecans. Added to this is the great responsibility and seriousness with which citizens have behaved, respecting all the indications given by state and health... read more

May 2021 Dispensa

May 15th was a bright sunny day and lots of folks arrived with smiles and left with their dispensa and an extra soup or stew!  It was nice to see Jody along with Eddie and Abraham helping out. This is our chef Gordon, who is making soup for the families This is our chef Gordon, who is making soup for the families Two of our youth volunteers who are there every 14th to prepare the dispensas for the families.... read more

Our New Home

What an exciting place to be with the 15 teams and their canches. There is lots of growth and the children are so excited. They arrive every day to water the canches and watch them grow.! All plants are Kay’s... read more

April Dispensa

April 15th was a lovely day with lots of sun and breeze.  Everyone showed up starting as early as 7:30. We enjoyed giving away to our families a special donation of chicken soup and fresh eggs.  Tears of thanks from all. We are slowly getting back to “normal” little by little. Finally ElectricityManuel delivering eggs for today Every family on the roster received, as a special treat homemade chicken soup and donated... read more


From a friend re covid 19 vaccine! Don’t panic if you see a lump on your armpit after COVID-19 vaccination, doctors sayAs more Canadians receive COVID-19 vaccines, more and more people might encounter a side effect that radiologists want the public to be more aware of: swelling under the armpit, which can show up on mammograms during screenings for breast cancer. Latest from Progreso: New closure of beaches and boardwalks in Progreso. THE RESTRICTION WILL APPLY FROM FRIDAY, MARCH 26 TO SUNDAY, APRIL 12 / THE STATE GOVERNMENT IS SEEKING TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF CONTAGES DURING THE HOLIDAYS OF HOLY WEEK / REPORTED THAT THE RESTAURANTS OF MALECÓN WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE OPERATING SANITARY AND EVERY MEASURES. COVID REPORT: Yucatan approaches 4,000 deaths from coronavirus; April 21/2021 In the State of Yucatan, so far in the pandemic, 36 thousand 463 infections have been reported, 31 thousand 924 people recovered and three thousand 972 deaths. Yucatán reported 86 new infections and eight deaths from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The State Health Secretariat announced that the cases come from Mérida (52), Kanasín and Valladolid (5), Progreso and Tizimín (4), in addition to Acanceh, Baca, Conkal, Hunucmá, Izamal, Motul, Seyé, Sucilá, Tekax, Ticul, Tzucacab and Umán with one each. There are also four more positives from foreigners. In the medical part it was also reported that eight people, seven of them men – mostly over 50 years old – lost their lives as a result of the virus.  1.- Male 50 years of Merida Obesity 2.- Male 39 years of Homún Without comorbidities 3.- Male 44 years old... read more

Our New Home

There is lots going on at the house. As well as getting it all done we are working on organizing workshops and work groups to begin the canches (above the ground gardens). Eric has done his workshops and the moms, kids and volunteers are settled in their groups working with the canches. Layers of compost, soil and seeds are being put in the plastic crates. Kay has donated several large plants as well to the house! The volunteers and the kids and parents will each work on the canches with a rotation of times and duties. There is lots of energy and fun that is happening as we... read more

March Dispensa

It is always interesting to go to the house to see what Carmita and the volunteers have been up to! And this month, even with Covid is no... read more

February Dispensa

February was a fun month with more snowbirds back, especially Wayne our star photographer.  You can enjoy his photos throughout this... read more


Mexico Starts Vaccinating Elderly People by yucalandiaFebruary 12, 2021Our Mexican Government has announced that they will begin vaccinating elderly people next week.For this reason … if you signed up to get the COVID vaccine, it may be time to TURN-OFF any “call-blocking” features you have on your phone.I got called today from an (871) Coahuila area code, asking me several questions about my interest in being vaccinated against COVID. They asked if:1. The person receiving the call is the specific name & phone number you used to sign up for the COVID vaccine.2. Do you still want the vaccine?3. Do you want to be scheduled for an appointment to get vaccinated, and would like to be called when it’s time to go get vaccinated?I was called today about this from an (871) area code (Coahuila)** – and one other person from PV has reported being called.THIS IS IMPORTANT .. because many gringos block phone calls from unknown phone numbers, so, it might be time to turn OFF call blocking options on your phone ?? Also note, that the govt. employee calling me was very rushed, and spoke incredibly fast. …If you are unsure, we suggest that you be prepared to ask the person calling you several simple clarifying questions:“¿Me preguntas si me gustaría vacunarme?”“¿Me preguntas si quiero una cita? “The govt employee responded:”Sí, ¿quieres que te llamemos para programar una cita?”I replied:” Claro que si, yo quiero que tu re-llamarme con mi cita para mi vacunación. … Gracias ! “… Do most people reading this have call blocking activated on their phone (to block telemarketing calls)? and … Whom else... read more

January 2021 Dispensa

Here we are, a new year and full of hope that things will be better!  We had 2 new volunteers come to meet us and see what we do.  Brian and Connie are from Washington and lived here for 4 years.  We sure welcomed them to our... read more


One Scientific view of COVID vaccines:… To jab, or not to jab …That’s the question … especially if you only have the Sino Vaccine or the Sputnik 5 Vaccine available.Because there are no dry-ice facilities here in Yucatan to protect the fragile Pfizer vaccine when it’s out at the dispenseries … we likely will have NONE of the top 3 vaccines here, for months …. until Moderna delivers a 300,000 or so doses here in the Yucatan Peninsula … (because Yucatan’s relatively low rates** of new COVID infections is so much lower than other parts of Mexico who are suffering much worse)That’s Where Reality Steps In:If the Sino Vaccine or the Sputnik 5 vaccines are the only ones available here…. and if you get the Sino or Sputnik Vaccine … Then … go get blood tested for anti-COVID ANTIBODIES at a local lab…. 2 weeks after the last Vaccine injection. … IF the scientific test results prove you have a high serum COVID-antibody titer results, then YOUR”RE PROTECTED.This is a reliable approach because … our bodies’ responses to the COVID Vaccines have been 10X to 100X higher antibody levels, than antibody levels from “natural” COVID infections.Why are there concerns about the Sino Vaccine & the Sputnik 5 Vacccine? context:Notice that no other news sources seem to be reporting this important helpful scientifically proven information … including the biggest Expats in Yucatan FB groups who block this vital medical advice., because of the mods personal feuds. BEAT COVID NOW with Proven Solutions … aka COVID Keeps Spreading Because We Are Still Doing the Wrong Things by yucalandia 2. January 5, 2021... read more

December Dispensa

Happy Holiday Greetings!!  Even though this s a different season for most of us there is a reason to be optomistic. We had our dispensa today along with Christmas hampers and a visit from Santa.  Most of the children were happy to see Santa and we got lots of photos with him. Clients were happy with their dispensas and hampers and left with smiling faces. Anon 1Anon 2Anon 3Anon 4Anon 5Anon 6Anon 7Anon 8Anon 9Anon 10Anon 11Anon 12Anon 13Anon 14Anon 15Anon 16Anon 17Anon 18Anon 19Anon 20Anon 21Anon 22Anon 23Anon 24Anon 25Anon 26Anon 27Anon 28Anon 28Anon 29Anon 30Anon 31Anon 32Anon 33Anon 34ApaloniaChristmas hampersHannia y siblingsLinaMariaFransesca y CarlosAnon 35The TeamCarmita y Patricio(volunteer)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRosangela, Jacob y Hannia(volunteer)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYahira y... read more

Special Info for Restaurante David

Open 25 December for Christmas Dinner 5 pm and Open December 31 for New Years Dinner 5 pm Advance tickets at the Restaurante 350 pesos TWO  days before event, please. (We will cook extra for late arrivals, but please email  or 969 103 8775 landline) January to April Wednesday, Thursday Friday Saturday 9 am to 9 pm. Sunday Conchita Pibil from 7 am while it lasts Musica with JavierWednesday and Friday 6 to 9 pm Special from the wood fired oven,Roast Pig and Braised Short Ribs of Sonora Beef  Braised ask Conchita We will have special take out menus, Pizza, Pasta and otherdelicious meals. Ask Conchita !!! “New this year. for folks east of Chicxulub Centro…a ‘ride home service within 5 km’, with prebooking. Cel 999 152 4931 Carlos will pick-up in Cancun,  Van , 6 passengers 6000  pesos Car 3-4 passengers 3900 pesos He will also do shopping runs to Merida and tours in the Yucatan. Keep well and Seasons Greetings to All. Conchita and David look forward to seeing old friends. Health note4 per table, 2 m space, masks on when you leave the tableTemperature check and hand sanitizer at the door. (Same as Costco) Yes indeed, we will deliver dinner on 25 December around 4 pm. We serve dinner on the restairante patio at 5 pm. Menu Delicious turkey roasted in the wood fired oven, lots of dressing and gravy, cranberries,mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,garden veggies,   salads, and carrot cake for dessert. 350 pesos Conchitas marvellous Margaritas, made with fresh pressed lime juice, just add ice and stir, 80 pesos This will require some planning: we... read more

Home of the Food Bank and Mujeres de Chicxulub

This has been a busy house for the month.  What with decoratng, doing Christmas hampers and getting ready for Santa’s visit!!  The purpose of the house was ever evident!! This is Lena who kept us company during our work.  Stephanie and Jody at work!Carmita showing a successfully whitened shirt!The busy teamLenaSome finished... read more


Holidays already at odds with coronavirus protocols in Yucatan By Yucatán Expat Life – November 15, 2020 42SHARESFacebookTwitterWhatsappLinkedinSubscribe Christmas shoppers crowd downtown as Yucatan tries to revive its economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Facebook Mérida, Yucatán — The pre-holiday Buen Fin discount promotion drove shoppers to the Centro. The long holiday weekend, which culminates with Día de la Revolución on Monday, attracted diners along Progreso’s malecón as early as 10 a.m. Tables and chairs were not particularly far apart. Meanwhile, house parties were common around Merida on Friday night in both private homes and vacation rentals. One Airbnb property in Santa Ana had a van and driver idling outside for hours while guests socialized. All this is great news for the economy unless, of course, the crowds cause a spike in coronavirus cases, and Yucatan loses ground before the epidemiological traffic light. New infections have been reported an average of 65 a day for the last two weeks. That’s an improvement over daily new cases in the middle of October, when they often topped 100. The public appears itching to escape the confines of home. La Jornada Maya reported a healthy increase in Christmas shopping, but also noted sloppy behavior. Social distancing was non-existent and face coverings were often found to be improperly used. Long lines of people were observed waiting to enter department stores and smaller shops, as well as for ATMs and banks. Businesses were generally good about applying hygiene measures, taking temperatures and passing around hand gel. Disinfectant mats were commonly found at entrances. Streets, closed in the morning to traffic, were opened and clogged with... read more

November Dispensas

The15th and went before in the blink of an eye! It was great to see Stephanie again after months at home. Carmita prepared her list for the hampers to be given out on the 15th of December. Always ahead of me!! It will be a different type of Christmas for sure! FelipeStephanie y JodyJody y CarmitaLindaPauline y sonSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA... read more

Gardening in Chicxulub

Wilbur with his canche This is a typical way of gardening in the Yucatan.  We are learning more about it every day. Wilfrido, in the photo is shown in his canche.  The beds behind him in Maya are called eras and grow healthy crops of radishes, leaf lettuce, cilantro, garlic and, to the right of the garlic, lemongrass. Both the eras and the canché accomplish the goal of gathering soil in one place so that it’s thick enough to be worked and to support plants.  In the Yucatán this is often necessary because in many places the soil is exceedingly thin atop the limestone bedrock and so poor in organic matter that it dries out fast. The thinness isn’t entirely the result of erosion caused by frequent deforestation. Friar Diego de Landa in his manuscript of 1566 Relación de las cosas de Yucatán writes: “Yucatán is a land of less soil than any I know, being all flat stones with very little earth, so that there are few places where one can dig down without meeting great banks of large rocks.” The canché has the advantage over the beds on the ground in that it’s harder for animals to get at the plants. You’ve heard about our animal depredations. The newest one is that someone, probably a Coati, dug up a cantaloupe-size jícama tuber, or yam-bean, and ate the whole thing, killing the sizable vine that had sprouted from it. Wilfrido’s canché is composed of an elevated bed of poles atop which banana leaves are placed thickly enough to hold the soil deposited atop it. It’s not absolutely animal-proof,... read more

October Dispensa

Hi everyone! October 15th came and went  as I completely forgot it!  It was a day without power and internet and did not realize until all came back in the afternoon. Good thng that Carmita is so capable and in charge. We lost two of our seniors to illness (not covid) by heart attacks due to stress. ... read more


Current info month of October This is the medical report for this Friday, October 30::As we have pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily income. Today we have 148 patients in public hospitals.17,891 patients have already recovered: they do not present symptoms nor can they infect. This figure represents 83% of the total registered infections, which are 21,438.Today 55 new infections of Coronavirus were detected. 35 in Mérida,7 in Valladolid,5 in Tizimín,2 in Buctzotz, and1 in Chemax, Hunucmá, Kaua, Motul, Río Lagartos and Temozón.Of the 21,438 positive cases, 193 are from another country or state.Specifically, in Mérida, 12,298 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (accumulated cases as of October 29).Unfortunately, in this medical report we report 5 deaths:1.- 52-year-old male from Mérida DM / IRC2.- 85-year-old male from Tizimín Without comorbidities3.- 59 year old female from Mérida HAS4.- 46-year-old male from Mérida DM / HAS5.- 59-year-old male from Oxkutzcab ObesityAcronyms: SYSTEMIC ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION (SAH), DIABETES MELLITUS (DM) and CHRONIC KIDNEY INSUFFICIENCY (CRF).In total, 2,513 people have died from the Coronavirus.Of the active cases, 886 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.As we already mentioned, 148 of the positive cases are in public hospitals and in total isolation. There are other patients awaiting diagnosis.The age range of cases is from 1 month to 99 years.THE WEEKLY INDICATORS OF OUR STATE HEALTH TRAFFIC LIGHTS ARE IN ORANGE. As of October 21th. Here is the report from The Beach Area NewYucatan is at the ORANGE level in Mexico’s 4-color “traffic light” system.  Orange means “non-essential” businesses (including some restaurants)... read more

Home of the Chixculub Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub

Remember this address: Calle 23 between 12 and 14 number 16A. There are 2 large posters, Chicxulub Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub and you won’t miss us. If you have items to drop off please call me or Carmita so someone will be there to welcome you. The house is almost complete.  We are waiting for the windows, sun screen and the garden area. Our Youth Volunteers have been active all summer and continue as we are still in this unknown with COVID. They have sorted clothes and shoes and delivered the packages to flooded out families, worked at the dispensa activity, had an inservice on gardening and are anxious to get started!! They held a bazaar and raised over 1000 pesos to be used towards the purchase of soil and seeds for the garden. I now must offer an apology! Carmita sent me wonderful photos of the finished house and I can not download them. Hopefully I will have them for next month. I am so... read more


A brief history of Progreso/Chicxulub over the 3 months of the pandemic.  Early July, Progreso has gone from ninth to seventh place with the highest number of infections after Mérida, which is the one with the highest number of cases registered in the accumulated with 2,907 infections. Progreso registers 81 accumulated cases, of which 41 are active, 37 recovered and 6 deceased. September 8th: Coronavirus deaths hit 76-day low in Yucatan 104 new infections and 8 deaths, the lowest number reported since June 23 By Yucatán Expat Life – September 8, 2020 A week after the economic reopening was expanded, coronavirus infections and deaths continue to decline in Yucatan. Monday’s state health ministry briefing reported 104 new infections, the fewest daily figure since Aug. 31. Eight COVID-19 patients died in the last 24 hours, the lowest number reported since June 23. Fatalities ranged in age from 21 to 72. Four were in Merida while the remaining fatalities hit Dzan, Kanasín, Progreso and Ticul. Comorbidities included hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney disease, COPD and immunosuppression. Authorities warned that it is too soon to gauge the effects of the economic reopening, and warned the public to remain vigilant. Hospitalizations rose, however, by eight to reach 302, while people with mild symptoms and isolated at home totaled 856. Showing how widespread infections remain, authorities reported 67 in Merida, eight in Valladolid, four in Tekax and Ticul; two in Dzan, Hunucmá and Progreso; one from out of state; and one each in Buctzotz, Chemax, Dzidzantún, Dzilam González, Kanasín, Kinchil, Motul, Panabá, Peto, Tekit, Tixpéhual, Tizimín, Tzucacab and Yaxkabá.  Health authorities confirmed this Sunday... read more

September Dispensa

The summer dispensas proceeded throughout the summer with the numbers varying.  Everyone was pleased with their packages. The summer dispensas proceeded throughout the summer with the numbers varying.  Everyone was pleased with their packages. As most of you know, the Chicxulub Food Bank relies on scheduled events like bingo, Muelle Market and personal donations. Because the end of the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet in sight, I am convinced that I will probably not be able to have these events this season.  Kay donated a whack of kitchen towels and everyone received one with their dispensa. The Youth Volunteers* have been busy this summer with sorting of clothes, getting packages and dispensas to the folks and have held a bazaar that raised 1000 pesos. This outpouring to the community has led to many donations, both food and items for resale. I do want to say thank you to all you supporters who have helped through this gap and the upcoming... read more

Chixculub Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub

As promised more tales about the new location for both the Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub. The Route to Casa de Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub The house will be known as: in Maya “Un suku’une tia an te’e ; Mi hermano es en la casa; My brother is in the  house.” This name honours Vincente Pool who is Carmita’s brother and a famous boxer who is in the Merida Hall of Fame.  He was born September 23rd   1952 in Chicxulub Puerto and christened Lino Andres Pool Tzab.  He began boxing at age 16 using his father’s name whom he greatly admired. At one point he thought about retiring because he had suffered too many defeats.  Then he met a new manager, Jesus Rivero “Cholain” and things changed for him. Home of current “Mi hermano es en la casa”Carmita is circled in blue. She is 6 yrs old.Lino boxer, Niece Noemi, Mama of Carmita and Lino The building itself is almost finished except for final hands on work that we will do now that summer has “sort of” started. Things like unpacking the clothes and displaying them, setting up a “thrift” shop for the village folks and getting the big room ready for the children and their workshops. Of course much will depend on the reports of the virus and the ok to move ahead. On the second floor the sewing room has electricity, lighting and now some tables and other needs to be able to show their work. It is spacious and bright. There will be a garden on the second floor looked after... read more


June 1st saw some reopening of a few places and the lifting of the Dry Law. We were all excited about this change but it was not as easy as we thought! You had to buy in stores that had delivery and Costco would not deliver to Progreso. If you bought liquor in Merida you could not bring it in to Progreso. So many of us wait for the 15th when next changes occur. The week of June 8th, the fourth round of dispensa delivery continues again with the same expectations for families to be prepared. June 10th brought great news to Julian and Progreso: “I am very happy to announce that today I received the news that the Blue Flag National Jury recognized two #PROGRESO beaches with their international distinctive. The two beaches are the Traditional Malecon and the International Malecon. As of July 2020 these beaches will be recognized and will help in allowing us to build together the new version of Progreso. “ Among other requirements, Blue Flag beaches must offer environmental education activities, display a code of conduct, and provide information about water quality. Garbage cans, water, and restrooms are required, and lifeguards and first aid services must also be in place.  In municipalities with multiple Blue Flag beaches, at least one must be accessible for people with disabilities. The government of Yucatan and Progreso have clearly stated the beaches are closed. Progreso will experience a different vacation period in the coming weeks. The local authorities are working so that the economic reactivation of the municipality can occur in the best possible conditions, and in... read more

Flooding in Chicxulub Thanks to Cristobal

Floods form a raging river in Tekax, where police rescue stranded residents. On top of the pandemic and all the unknown that goes with it the Yucatan had to deal with flooding and savage wind!! Much of the damage happened along the cienaga and Carmita was there to show us.  She was checking on and delivering help to the folks of Chicxulub.  She reported several times how thankful the people are for receiving your help. Here are photos of the streets in Chicxulub, calles 14, 8A and 8 primarily close to the cienaga. Dona Evelia with a sick husbandEvacuated this weekendEvacuated this weekendEvacuated this weekendCalle 12Shopping in MeridaWorking in MeridaThis little girl (see below)Grandparents homeMost of these taken on Sunday June 7th in Chicxulub. Anyone who has walked these streets with me or on your own will be surprised to see these photos.This little girl with her 2 brothers were abandoned by her parents to her grandparents of whom her grandma has had a stroke. Her grandpa is an albanil and fisherman who has no work. Beside her is her grandparents... read more